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  • Hong Kong Chuangwei Industrial Co., Ltd. was formally established in Hong Kong on July 3, 2017. The company is an overseas import and export company with anticorrosive coatings, cables, conventional valves and special valves, fasteners, flanges, measuring equipment, dust removal equipment, wear-resistant products, building materials and other products.

    At the beginning of the establishment of the Hong Kong company, the domestic company has obtained the unanimous approval of customers in the industry. The company's business covers the multi-industrial application fields of complete sets of equipment such as petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy and environmental protection, and the company's trade scale is expanding day by day. The company's business scope is also constantly developing. While serving domestic customers, it will also set foot in the international market and start a new journey.

    The company adheres to the spirit of 'professional, dedicated', adhering to the concept of customer first, customer first, and serving every customer. To provide more and better products and services for more customers, we believe that we will become an expert in customization of industrial products and equipment services in the near future. As the company continues to grow, it strictly controls the quality of products and services.

    While providing customers with the required products, the company pays more attention to providing solutions for customers. The company adheres to the principle of providing suitable products for customers. The company believes that it is more important to provide suitable products for customers than to provide low-cost products for customers. This is the company's advantage!

    We sincerely hope that what we offer you is not the product itself, but the problem that the product can help you solve. Along the way, every customer who has cooperated with us has changed from stranger to customer and then from customer to friend.

    If the first cooperation originates from trust, then we hope the second cooperation originates from satisfaction.

    We sincerely hope that we can work hand in hand with you to create a better future!

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