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  • English translation


    1. Education level: full-time undergraduate degree or above, and obtained the translation and speaking certificate of Level 3 and above in the National Translation Qualification Examination;

    2. Professional: College English Level 8;

    3. Work experience: 3 years of translation professional work experience; 55 years of age or younger;

    4. Knowledge and skills:

       1) Proficient in office office software;

       2) Proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in the foreign language of this major

       3) Like the work of the foreign trade industry, able to independently complete foreign trade business

    5, ability and quality:

       1) Be good at communicating with others;

       2) Physical health

    6. Others: Foreign work experience is preferred.

    Foreign trade sales

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Assist the leaders in designating/modifying sales strategies, policies and policies in overseas markets;

    2. Responsible for the expansion of the company's products in overseas markets;

    3. Responsible for the development and customer satisfaction of customers in overseas markets;

    4. Complete the overall goals and personal goals of the company's overseas sales;

    5. Management of the foreign trade department.


    1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above in international trade.

    2. Language requirements: English major 8 or university 6.

    3, work experience: more than 2 years of foreign trade sales experience, foreign sales / sales experience. Relevant customer resources are preferred.

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