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  • TI130 Infrared Thermodetector
    TI130 Infrared Thermodetector


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    Summary of TI130 Infrared Thermodetector


    TI130 infrared Thermodetector?designed LCD backlight function and a laser point generator to help users target.TI130 is an indispensable tool for automotive engine and exhaust system detection, and the monitoring of welding temperature is almost perfect.It can detect large energy loss near windows and doors, and monitor temperature near houses, air conditioners and workshops.It's fast, fun and simple to use.

    The working principle of infrared temperature measurement is to gather the infrared radiation energy of the target object in its field of view through the special optical system of the Thermodetector. The infrared energy is focused on the photoelectric detector and transformed into the corresponding electrical signal, which is then converted into the temperature value of the target.


    Functional Characteristics of TI130 Infrared Thermodetector


    The shape is compact and easy to carry.

    Laser aiming, accurate and reliable

    Fast display, accurate measurement

    Backlight display, superior quality

    Super low price, superior performance

    Technical parameters of TI130 infrared Thermodetector

    Temperature measurement range: - 18 ~ 430?C.

    Accuracy: +2% or +2 Temperature

    Repetition accuracy: +1% or +1. Maximum

    Optical Resolution (Distance Coefficient): 12:1

    _Working band: 8-14 um

    Emissivity (emissivity): 0.95 fixed

    Display resolution: 0.2 C or 0.2F

    Display mode: 4-bit LCD (liquid crystal backlight)

    Response time:<400 MS

    Sight mode: single laser aiming

    Temperature conversion:

    High and Low Temperature Alarm: High Temperature Alarm

    Maximum and Minimum Average Display: Maximum Display

    Power Supply: AAA 1.5V Battery | 2 Sections

    Size: 89mm x 170mm x 42mm

    Weight: 170g

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