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  • PT300/PT300B Infrared Thermodetector | High Temperature
    PT300/PT300B Infrared Thermodetector | High Temperature


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    ? ??PT300/PT300B紅外測溫儀|高溫

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    PT300/PT300B Infrared Thermodetector?| Summary of High Temperature


    ? ??PT300 hand-held infrared Thermodetector?has the advantages of large distance coefficient, wide temperature measurement range, high measurement accuracy, coaxial laser aiming and fast response. The instrument has the functions of adjustable emissivity, Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion, maximum, minimum, average, temperature difference, upper and lower limit temperature setting and over-limit acousto-optic alarm. The instrument is small in size, light in weight, simple in operation and easy to use.Reliable, is the typical representative of infrared Thermodetector?at present.


    Functional Characteristics of PT300/PT300B Infrared Thermodetector

    _Ultra-high temperature range to 1800??C or 3000 C

    _High accuracy (+1%)

    80:1 High optical resolution and fast reaction speed

    Telescope aiming

    Backlight display

    _Replacing high temperature thermocouple to save production cost

    Technical parameters of PT300/PT300B infrared Thermodetector

    Temperature measurement range: 400-1800 C/500-3000 C

    _Accuracy: +1%

    Repetition accuracy: +0.5%

    Optical Resolution (Distance Coefficient): 80:1

    _Working band: 2.1-2.4um

    Emissivity (emissivity): 0.1-1.0

    Display resolution: 0.1℃?or 0.1F 1℃?or 1F at < 1000℃?or at 1000℃.

    Display mode: 4-bit LCD (blue background light)

    Response time:<200 MS

    Targeting mode: telescope aiming

    Temperature conversion:

    High and low temperature alarm:

    The maximum and minimum mean values show that:

    Power supply: 9V battery

    Size: 185mm x 200mm x 50mm

    Weight: 600g

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