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  • 7.2KV-24KV SF6 Gas Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear
    7.2KV-24KV SF6 Gas Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear


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    7.2KV-24KV SF6 Gas Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear

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    Gas insulated switchgear FBX is a SF6 gas insulated medium voltage switchgear used in secondary distribution network.Its compact type (FBX-C) can be used as the distribution unit of the ring network. Up to six functional units can be installed in the same gas tank to facilitate integration into the distribution room or wind tower.FBX-E is a fully modular medium-voltage switchgear for industrial applications.With innovative and high safety performance, FBX is not affected by the environment, the main circuit is maintenance-free, easy to install and operate.SF6 air-insulated switchgear for secondary distribution network SF6 load switching protection device is equipped with two types of fuse combination or vacuum circuit breaker: FBX-C (compact type), FBX-E (expandable type) conforming to IEC 62271-200 standard rated voltage: 12/17.5/24 kV bus current: 630 A feed line rated current: 630 A rated short-term withstand current and rated short-circuit sustained.Time: 20 kA/4s internal arc fault tolerance level: IAC: A-FL 20 kA/1s size (width x high x deep, unit mm), two load switching units + one circuit breaker or fuse protection function: 1000 x 1380 x 752

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