Product characteristics:
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  • PIX 12-24 kV Air Insulated Switchgear
    PIX 12-24 kV Air Insulated Switchgear

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    PIX 12-24 kV Air Insulated Switchgear

    Product characteristics:

    PIX series is a universal pullable air-insulated switchgear in the world.Its compact size, core components circuit breaker application of advanced vacuum interruption technology.

    The rated values are 4,000 A and 40 kA in the range of 12 kV and 17.5 kV.

    The rated values are 3,150 A and 31.5 kA in the 24 kV range.

    Two schemes of single bus and double bus

    Loss of Operation Continuity Level-LSC2B-PM

    Cables can be accessed up and down the cabinet body and at the rear part.

    Wall mounting or back wiring scheme

    AFLR/1s internal arc level (IAC) test was performed in accordance with IEC 62271-200 standard.

    PIX 12-24 kV Air Insulated Switchgear

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