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  • Premset New Medium Voltage Switchgear
    Premset New Medium Voltage Switchgear


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    Premset New Medium Voltage Switchgear

    Product characteristics:

    Rated Voltage (Ur): 12 kV Rated Power Frequency Tolerance Voltage: 42/48 kV 1MN Rated Impulse Tolerance Voltage: 75/85 kV Rated Bus Current: 630 A Rated Short-term Tolerance Current: 25 kA x 3s-20 kA x 4S Cable Grounding Switch: 25 kA, M0, E2 Protection Level: IP3X Volume W x H x D (mm): 375 x 1600 x 900


    Load Switching Unit: I06T Circuit Breaker Unit: D06H, D06N, D02N Measurement Unit: M06S, M06A Standard: GB, DL

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