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    Sampling spoon for molten iron and steel
    Sampling spoon for molten iron and steel


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    The hot metal sampling spoon is specially designed for removing liquid metals from the furnace or ladle for laboratory analysis. It can withstand extreme cold and heat without cracking and can be reused to effectively protect workers.

    Product features: The hot metal sampling spoon adopts vacuum suction molding technology and die.The use of amorphous ceramic fibers as the main material.

    (1) Various criteria for selection

    (2) Suitable for the transportation and pouring of various metal liquids

    (3) The high temperature resistance of the product can reach 1700C.

    It has the characteristics of light weight, good heat preservation effect and low heat capacity.

    _Temperature loss not exceeding 5 C, and easy to maintain and repair


    Scope of application


    Technical parameters of molten iron sampling spoon

    Product Name: High Temperature Liquid Metal Sampler (customizable according to requirements)

    Specification: capacity 150 ml, inner diameter 68 mm, outer diameter 93 mm, outer height 88 mm

    Scope of application: Widely applicable to liquid metal sampling of molten iron, molten steel and other solutes

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