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    Fixed Carbon Sampling Cup
    Fixed Carbon Sampling Cup


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    Product characteristics: Thermal analysis is widely used for on-site control of hot metal composition because of its fast, simple, reliable and low cost. When hot metal is poured into the sample cup, the hot metal solidifies gradually with time.Thermal analysis determines and calculates the composition of CEL, C and Si according to the temperature platform of its cooling curve.

    (1) Wide range of pouring temperature

    (2) The design of horizontal quartz protective tube makes the response speed faster.

    (3) Controlling gestation by measuring eutectic undercooling

    (4) Predicting the mechanical and physical properties of molten iron by measuring liquid temperature and supercooling degree?The calculation of nodularity can be used to calculate the nodularity of nodular iron based on the principle of relative thermal conductivity.

    Scope of application


    Fixed Carbon Sampling Cup Parameters

    Name: Fixed Carbon Sampling Cup

    Shape: Square/Round

    Usage: It is suitable for on-site determination of hot metal composition and calculation of CEL, C, Si and other components.

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