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    Sampling carbon cup holder
    Sampling carbon cup holder


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    Product characteristics: Because of its fast, simple, reliable and low cost, it is widely used in the field control of hot metal composition.

    1.Hot metal before or after forming can be measured.

    2.Easy for foundry engineers to proportioning on site

    Technical parameters of fixed carbon sampling cup holder

    Measurement parameters: carbon equivalent CEL, carbon content C, silicon content Si, hardness HB, hard tensile strength RM,

    ???????? Peak Temperature PEAK, Liquid Temperature TL, Solid Temperature TS, Eutectic SC

    Measurement range: K-type (NICR-NI): 400 ~1370 ~C: 2.1~4.2%

    Si: 0-20% CEL: 2.5-5.0%

    Accuracy of temperature measurement (?): CEL (+0.1%) C (+0.05%) Si (+0.1%)

    Power supply parameters: 110V~250VAC 50VA 50~60HZ

    Printing parameters: HB, RM, PEAK, TL, CEL, SC, TS, C%, Si%

    Product Shape: Square, Round

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