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  • Wear-resistant composite steel sheet
    Wear-resistant composite steel sheet


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    Service: Processing according to the drawings provided by the demander.

    Wear-resistant plate processing and application industry:

    Electric power industry, metallurgical industry, cement industry, glass industry, mining industry, machinery industry, coal processing industry, waterway dredging, port terminal, etc.

    1. Electric power industry - fan blades, burner pipelines, feeding trough and hopper lining, crusher components, coal mill components, ash pipe, air handling system and conveyor;

    2. Iron and steel industry - silo liner, sliding incline, screen, bell cover of blast boiler, feeder truck, reinforced steel plate of blast boiler, sintering feeding barrel, pipeline, distribution plate, dumper truck, hopper, etc.

    3. Cement industry - powder separator blade, impact plate, pipeline, pump shell, mill lining, crusher parts, slag outlet trough, various chassis, vibration screen plate, etc.

    4. Glass industry - fan impeller, fan blade, rear panel lining plate, fan mouth, wearable parts, etc.

    5. Mining industry - truck tank liner, hopper liner, conveyor tank liner, crusher components, cover plate, wear-resistant bar and wear-resistant plate;

    6. Coal processing industry - feeding trough, hopper, crusher parts and lining plate, coal pipeline, elbow, scraper conveyor bottom plate, pump body.

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