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  • Cold zinc coating
    Cold zinc coating


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    Composition: A new type of heavy-duty steel structure anticorrosive material, mainly composed of inorganic siloxane resin and high-purity imported zinc, has a long-term dual effect.


    Main characteristics

    Long-term effect: zinc film pure zinc content (> 96%), salt spray resistance (> 4000 hours), coating system has more than 25 years of anti-corrosion cycle.

    Its similar products have more than 50 years of successful examples abroad.

    Environmental protection: It does not contain toxic chemicals such as isocyanates and benzols.

    Anti-slip: Anti-slip coefficient (> 0.55) can be used for anti-corrosion of high-strength bolted joints.

    Welding resistance: Coated welding does not affect the quality of welding, and the coating is not subject to cutting and welding damage.

    High temperature resistance: the ability of persistent high temperature resistance is 300 C.

    Low temperature resistance: Sustainable to withstand - 60 C low temperature;

    Quick drying: The surface drying time is 15 minutes at 25 C, and the actual drying time is 18 hours.


    Purpose: Cold-coated zinc coating has excellent cathodic protection and shielding function for steel.It can be sprayed, brushed and rolled. It is the best material to replace traditional hot dipping, hot galvanizing and hot spraying.It is suitable for ship, steel bridge, steel roof truss, steel grid, electric power facilities, pipelines, tanks and other heavy-duty anti-corrosion fields.

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