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  • Anticorrosive Coating of Cool and Heat Insulation Adhesive
    Anticorrosive Coating of Cool and Heat Insulation Adhesive


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    • Parameters

    Composition: A two-component room temperature curable coating is prepared from acrylic resin, polyurethane resin, coloring pigments, anticorrosive pigments, heat reflective functional powder, additives and water-free agents.

    Main characteristics: tough and bright paint film, good adhesion; water resistance, excellent resistance to various chemical reagents; excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance; adapted to save energy.?


    Usage: It is used for insulation of spherical tanks, tanks and special steel structures with various metal structures. It is also the best choice for insulation of high-grade buildings.

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    Basic parameters

    Category: Primer Intermediate Adhesive

    Colour: Grey, white and white

    Gloss: Luminous, Luminous and Luminous

    Solid content: 55%63%0~60%

    Dry film thickness: 40 micron, 50 micron, 40 micron

    Theoretical dosage: 135g/m2 150g/m2 140~155g/m2

    Flash point: 26, 27, 26.

    Drying time (25 C): surface drying less than 2h, solid drying less than 20h, complete curing for 7d


    Recoating interval time

    Substrate temperature: 10, 25, 30.

    Minimum: 24h 14h 8h

    Maximum: unlimited


    Surface treatment: All surfaces must be clean, dry and pollution-free.It should be evaluated and treated in accordance with ISO8504.

    Steel with workshop primer: Clean, dry and intact approved workshop primer.

    Painted surface: Clean, dry and intact primer, please consult Technical Department.

    Other Surfaces: This product is used for other substrates, please consult Technical Department.

    Front Paint: Cool insulating glue undercoat, cool insulating glue undercoat.

    Paint for back track: none.

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