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  • Hardtop PSO
    Hardtop PSO


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    Composition: The inorganic-organic polymer formed by organic modification is the latest technology product with high content, low VOC and high weather resistance.

    Main characteristics: superior weather resistance, ultraviolet ray irradiation resistance, good gloss durability, no change in coating after 1000 hours of accelerated weathering test; non-flammable coating, flame retardant; water and salt solution, acid salt solution, alkaline salt solution, petroleum products, organic solvent splashes have superior resistance; excellent adhesion;It has excellent pollution resistance, abrasion resistance, scrubbing resistance, lotus leaf effect and self-cleaning function.


    Usage: Used for metal, glass, stone, wood, interior and exterior wall and almost all other substrates.It can be used in surface painting projects of new and old buildings. It can be applied twice on various organic topcoats, interior and exterior wall coatings and special glass, thus greatly improving its decoration, antifouling, scrubbing resistance, weather resistance and high temperature resistance.Strong adherence to treated steel, galvanized parts and inorganic zinc coatings provides long-term effective corrosion resistance and climate resistance.

    It is especially suitable for:

    1.Steel structure: bridge, municipal engineering, ship (deck and superstructure; hull waterline; offshore platform);

    2.Oil tanks and pipelines;

    3.Industrial and power plants: power plants, wastewater treatment, pulp and paper making, chemical and petrochemical industries;

    4.Transportation: the surface of railway truck carriages, buses and trucks;

    5.Concrete wall, etc.


    Basic parameters

    Colour: Various colours

    Gloss: luster?

    Solid content: 90%

    Dry film thickness: 120 & mu;

    Theoretical dosage: 210g/m2

    Flash point: 34 C

    Drying time (25 C): surface drying: 4h, solid drying: 24h, fully cured 7d


    Recoating interval time

    Substrate temperature: 5, 25, 40.

    Minimum: 24h 18h 12h

    Maximum: 7d


    Surface treatment: All surfaces must be clean, dry and pollution-free.It should be evaluated and treated in accordance with ISO8504.

    Steel with workshop primer: Clean, dry and intact approved workshop primer.

    Painted surface: Clean, dry and intact primer, please consult Technical Department.

    Other Surfaces: This product is used for other substrates, please consult Technical Department.

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