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  • EW-704 Inorganic Zinc-rich Primer
    EW-704 Inorganic Zinc-rich Primer


    • Details
    • Parameters

    Composition: A two-component coating consisting of ultrafine zinc powder, zinc powder pulp made of modified resin and ethyl silicate solution.


    Main characteristics: rapid drying, can be coated in half an hour; excellent wear resistance, not cut, welding damage, construction of non-flammable volatile hazards; continuous temperature 400 C, instantaneous temperature up to 800 C; low resistivity, anti-static; anti-radiation, anti-ultraviolet, salt fog, with long-term anti-rust, anti-corrosion effect.

    Usage: As workshop primer of steel pretreatment pipeline in shipyard and heavy machinery factory.It can be used as base anticorrosive primer for steel structure and equipment surface in mining, derrick, shipbuilding, port, wharf, steel structure, bridge, iron tower, petroleum pipeline, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.It can also be used as maintenance primer and anti-corrosion primer on the surface of galvanized sheet.


    Basic parameters

    Colour: Grey

    Gloss: no gloss

    Solid content: 80%

    Dry film thickness: 70 um

    Theoretical dosage: 352g/m2

    Flash point: 14 C

    Drying time (25 C): surface drying less than 10 minutes, solid drying less than 24 hours, complete curing for 7 days


    Recoating interval time

    Substrate temperature: 5, 25, 40.

    Minimum: 20h 6h 4H

    Maximum: No restrictions, but zinc salts must be removed before re-coating.


    Surface treatment: All surfaces must be clean, dry and pollution-free.It should be evaluated and treated in accordance with ISO8504.

    Bare steel: cleanliness: sand blasting treatment to Sa2.5 (ISO8501-1:1998).According to the exposure, power tools can also be used to clean, minimum St2 level, no oxide skin (ISO8501-1:1988).

    Steel with workshop primer: Clean, dry and intact approved workshop primer.

    Painted surface: Clean, dry and intact primer, please consult Technical Department.

    Other Surfaces: This product is used for other substrates, please consult Technical Department.

    Paint for the front road: none.

    Later matching paints: epoxy coatings, chlorinated rubber coatings, acrylic coatings, polyurethane coatings, chlorosulfonated polyethylene coatings, high chlorinated polyethylene coatings, interpenetrating network coatings, polysiloxane coatings, fluororesin coatings, urushiol coatings, etc.It is not suitable for matching with oily products.

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