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  • Turbine Operated Wafer Butterfly Valve
    Turbine Operated Wafer Butterfly Valve


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    • Parameters

    Size Range: 2.5''/DN65

    Pressure: 5K/10K/150LB

    Body Materials: Ductile Iron

    Seat Materials: EPDM

    Disc Materials: Ductile Iron

    Stem Materials: stainless steel

    Applicable medium:fresh water, sewage, sea water, weak acid and alkali, air, steam, etc.
    Suitable temperature:according to seat material
    Application field:?municipal construction, water treatment, power, water supply and drainage, water conservancy projects.

    1.Standard EPDM rubber seat with reliable leak free performance
    Seat rubber USES EPDM rubber in accordance with standard. Seat elasticity and tension are more stable and reliable.

    2.Valve body valve plate is made of QT450-10 material
    Valve body valve plate is made of qt450-10 material with spheroidization rate above grade 3, tensile strength of 450Mpa and elongation of >10%.

    3.Special spraying valve body, 36 months without discoloring
    The surface of the valve body adopts the electrostatic powder thermal spraying technology, which is more environmentally friendly and weather resistant, and ensures that the valve body does not change color for 36 months.

    4.Intelligent test and pressure test to ensure product quality
    Each product is pressure tested by the Bundor intelligent testing equipment, and the inspection report is automatically generated. Every data and report is kept for 5 years to ensure the delivery qualified rate.

    5.Solid body valve body, more stable
    Valve body is solid body, same caliber weight is heavier than other manufacturers.

    Turbine Operated Wafer Butterfly Valve

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